Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Enjoy A Cigar Where It's Not Allowed, The Don E-Cigar From Smoker Stax: Quick Review

Smoker Stax the Don E-Cigar
First, I need to clarify, I am not looking for a cigar replacement, however I am looking for a cigarette replacement. With that in mind I've actually used The Don E-Cigar from Smoker Stax quite a bit more than anticipated. In fact, I'm puffing on it right now as I sit here writing this review. 

 "The Don" has a simulated maduro wrapper, in real life it's a bit light in color, but it gets the job done nicely. That brings up a major point. It's amazing how durable this wrapper material is, I've been chewing on it for a couple of days now and there are absolutely no signs of wear. The e-cigar is balanced, meaning it can be held in your mouth hands free, (I couldn't do that with my last e-cig). It creates a nice volume of vapor--enough for vapor rings--there's no gurgling inside from excessive trapped moisture, no over heating and there's a cool red light in the foot that comes on when you puff.

Flavor wise, in my opinion it has the faint taste of a maduro cigar, it's more like smoky molasses, but hey, it tastes darn good. It tastes enough like a cigar that I've been grabbing it to puff on when there isn't time for a cigar. That translates into a lot more use than anticipated plus I can lay it down anywhere with out worrying scorching something.

Smoker Stax, says it's good for 1800 puffs, which I am not really testing, I'll leave that for a machine to count, I have puff counted cigarettes though. At  a price of $29.99 per unit for "The Don", I would save $15.00 over the cost of 1800 cigarette puffs. That's a pretty good savings, along with the health benefits and it tastes like a cigar!

Rated 9.5

I would like to thank Smoker Stax for providing these samples for review!

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