Sunday, June 22, 2014

H. Upmann The Banker Annuity: Quick Review

H. Upmann The Banker
Today's cigar is The Banker, Annuity, by H. Upmann. It was included in this month's Freight Train package from Cigar Train and has a price tag of $8.99.

This Annuity, (Toro), is almost completely cover by band. However, the band is put on in a manner that removal won't damage the wrapper. It has a super oily Habano wrapper with nary a vein and invisible seams.

From the foot there are aromas of honey and fruit while the free cold draw yeilds flavors of honey, citrus and black pepper.

I'd have to call the flavor mix solid, yet simple. The first few draws were rich fermented tobacco, then came cream, white pepper, honey, caramel and a splash of coffee. It finished with cream and pepper. This was one oily wrapper, it looked like oil would drip off by the time the cigar was nubbed and it had a good 55 minute smoking time.

Rated 91

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