Thursday, June 26, 2014

Overload Your Senses With Rwanda Musasa From Cravens Coffee: Quick Review

Rwanda Musasa From Cravens Coffee
If you want a sensory overload, this Rwanda Musasa coffee from Cravens Coffee is just the ticket. As the bag is opened your nose will be greeted with a bold smoky aroma with a hint of nuts and toast. It's a light roast, but there is still some oily caramelization showing on a few of the beans. Once through the grinder, the Rwanda Musasa gives off rich aromas of coffee and toast. Doing a pour-over a large frothy head develops and the aroma of fresh baked bread fills the air.

Once cupped, the first sips are bright and crisp with hints tart citrus. The mouth feel is light, it's refreshing to the palate and there is an underlying sweetness just waiting to appear. As it cools it develops a bit more mouth feel and sweetness builds, plus there are flavor notes of smoky earth, toasted nuts and warm bread.

A couple quick notes of interest. This Musasa is grown near the gorilla habitat in the mountains of Central Rwanda and women make up 80% of the work force.

Rated 4.9

I would like to thank Cravens Coffee for providing this sample for review.

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