Thursday, June 19, 2014

Perdomo Lot 23 Gordito: Quick Review

The Perdomo Lot 23 is the #1 selling cigar at Cigar Train here in Spokane. I picked up this gordito a couple of months back for $5.15.

Covered with a stout, toothy, maduro colored wrapper with tight seams and only a few fine veins this Lot 23 looks good. From the foot there was any earthy aroma and the firm cold draw had flavors of spicy cedar and cocoa.

Initially there are flavors of oak, cocoa and earth from the burning cigar. Later, other flavors of sugar, molasses, sweet cream and chocolate join in. The Lot 23 finishes with a flavor mix of toasted marshmallow and cocoa.

A cigar with nice flavors,  medium to full body strength, 70 minutes of smoking pleasure and a price under $6.00 all make the Perdomo Lot 23 a real winner. It's clear why this is Cigar Train's top selling cigar.

Rated 93

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