Monday, June 16, 2014

Poker Stix Smokers Wild: Quick Review

Poker Stix Smokers Wild Cigar
I picked up an assorted five pack of Poker Stix about a month back off the Cheap Humidors web site for $14.95.

This Smokers Wild cigar has an oily natural wrapper that's rolled on right. It's nearly seamless and has only a few fine veins.

Once it's burning, there are mild bodied flavors of oak and earth with a touch of black pepper. Overall it's an earthy mix with some toast, nuts, tobacco and cream mixed in. There's a nice medium bodied finish of cream and sugar.

Overall the flavors were great, but the burn was a bit of a problem. The cigar went out twice, which rarely happens to me, and it needed correction once as it canoed up one side.

With the mild/medium body, the great overall appearance and the mild flavors I wouldn't be afraid to pass these out to my non cigar smoking buddies during a poker game.

Rated 88

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