Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That. Damp Cigars, Why?

So, I have a question and could use some help. It drives me batty, well I already am, to not know the answer to something. OK, here's the question.

Why do some cigars arrive to damp to smoke?

I had a pretty good grip on this until yesterday. I published a review and the cigar had went out twice, it was damp and I knew it once it was burning. But I was asked how long they had been in my humidor because they needed to adjust from Florida to Washington. Well that sounded reasonable, but I still wanted to know if elevation makes a difference.

After two hours of reading the short answer is no. If anything occurred due to elevation there might be slightly less RH in a cigar due to elevation and several variables would need to change at the same time.

So does anyone have an all inclusive answer about this?

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