Friday, June 27, 2014

Room 101 The Big Payback Robusto: Quick Review

Room 101 The Big Payback Robusto
On my visit to Cigar Train today, I picked up the newest cigar from Room 101, The Big Payback robusto for a mere $5.60.

This is a sharp looking cigar, the black and silver dual band stands out against the Colorado Maduro colored wrapper. The wrapper does have some veins (they are on the back side in the picture), but it also has some nice tooth, nice seamless construction it looks super oily.

From the foot there's a faint aroma mix of tobacco and cocoa with same flavors found in the free, airy cold draw. Once burning the first few puffs were a mild body mix of earth and oak. As the burn progressed there were added flavors of barnyard, fire wood, peat, leather and a hint of molasses. For the finish there were notes of cocoa, espresso and rich tobacco.

Overall all The Big Payback was an interesting smoke. The body started out in the mild range, with big robust flavors, and seemed to increase in strength with nearly every draw. It ended as a full flavored, as a full bodied cigar. With a 45 minute smoking time and it's current pricing this cigar is hard to beat.

Rated 92

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