Sunday, June 15, 2014

Silvio Palomino Santa Ana Torpedo: Quick Review

Silvio Palomino Santa Ana Torpedo Cigar
Here's another selection from the Silvio Palomino Cigars sampler I grabbed a couple weeks back, the Santa Ana Torpedo.

It' covered by a stout, oily maduro wrapper. The wrapper itself is a little rough looking but it's rolled on tight with nice seams and a couple medium veins. From the foot there is a bold aroma of rich fermented tobacco and the free draw has some fruity spice.

From the first draw this cigar hit me with big, bold, out of the ballpark, flavors of chocolate and earth. The wrapper also has a sweet chocolate flavor that stays on the lips between puffs. Farther into the cigar, there's some fruity red wine, sugar and oak.

Amazing. That one word sums up the flavor mix of this cigar. On this cigar, the wrapper was a bit rough looking, but if you let that scare you away you'll be missing out on some big flavors. These flavors are why I smoke maduro cigars.

You can grab these off their website for $72.90 per box of 25.

Rated 93

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