Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Four Horsemen: The Petite Coronas By AKA Cigars

No, it's not The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, it's the four petite coronas from AKA. Little cigars with so much flavor they'll just kick your ass.

More wrapper and less fillers, equal more wrapper influenced flavors from all four of these cigars. I've reviewed all four these cigars before, but not in these vitolas. Let me tell you, I was impressed with the flavors each of these little sticks from AKA Cigars produced. I've included a link for each blend back to the original review with blend information and ratings.
It starts with a silky smooth, seamless and vein free wrapper with notes of toast and brown sugar from the foot. After clipping the cap the free cold draw has a spicy brown sugar flavor, it's a bit like spiced rum. Once the Solace is burning this mild bodied cigar has nice flavor mix. I found, sugar, molasses, oak, toast, spicy Spanish cedar, tree fruit, caramel, white pepper and sweet cream. Add to this a razor sharp burn, lots of smoke and a 50 minute smoking time and we have a winner.

AKA Nth Degree Petite Corona
Nth Degree

Nth Degree:
The blue and silver bands against the dark maduro colored wrapper are a real attention getter, but once you get past the looks it's the flavors that keep you going. After the band, the next focal point is the stout, toothy, seamless wrapper and triple cap on the Nth Degree. There's a bold rich tobacco aroma from the foot and the firm cold draw, from this tightly packed cigar, has notes of wheat straw. With he first medium bodied puffs I found flavors of oak, earth and black pepper. As the sharp burn line moved up the body, there are notes of toast, cocoa, raisins, cream, sugar, charcoal and chocolate with a full bodied burnt mocha finish.

AKA Hybrid Petite Corona

This was the first blend from AKA I ever smoked. AKA Cigars were featured on Cigar Chat back in the day when we all smoked and compared the same cigar.
A pig tail cap is the focal point of the Hybrid. Once you get past the cap you see the another seamless, vein free wrapper with a bit of tooth. Red wine, fruit and earth are what you find from the foot and the free cold draw has notes of toast and spicy cedar. Once burning there are full bodied notes of oak, brown sugar, tree fruit, grass, earth and a touch of barnyard. Overall the flavors remind me of the aroma from a used, oak wine barrel.

AKA Respect 2013 Petite Corona
Respect 2013

Respect 2013:
One word describes the Respect 2013; Delicious.
From the foot there are bold notes of oak and cocoa with the same mix found from the free cold draw. Black and silver dual bands cover the stout, toothy seamless maduro colored wrapper. Once the Respect is burning there are over the top flavors of cocoa, tobacco, tree fruit, oak, toast, nuts, brown sugar, cream and raisin. Add a burnt mocha finish and a 45 minute smoking time to these big flavors and you have one delicious cigar!

There you have it boys and girls; the down and dirty of four great little sticks from AKA Cigars!

AKA Petite corona cigars

It's also deserves mentioning that not only does AKA Cigars make some great products, they give back by supporting “The Wounded Warrior Project” and "Operation Cigars for Warriors". Check out the web sites and support our true American Heroes!

I would like to thank AKA Cigars for providing these samples for review. Thank you!

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