Thursday, June 26, 2014

Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee Churchill: Quick Review

Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee Curchill
The Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee is one of my daily go to smokes. It seems there are always a few floating around my humidors. The first thing you notice about this cigar is the thick, dark maduro colored wrapper. The wrapper is oily, has some tooth, smaller veins and tight seams.

Pre-light flavors are a mix of coffee and chocolate with the wrapper leaving a semi-sweet chocolate taste on my lips. Once the cigar is burning the first medium bodied puffs have flavors of espresso and then some earth. As the burn progresses there is touch of black pepper, leather and dark chocolate. The cigar finishes in the full body range with a great burnt mocha flavor mix, (espresso, cream and chocolate).

These Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankees are bursting with flavors and can be found for sale in nearly every on-line cigar store, but I pick them up quite often for around $7 per 5-pack, so check around before you buy.

Rated 93

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