Thursday, July 10, 2014

Azan White Premium Robusto

Azan White Premium Robusto
I've been looking forward to reviewing the Azan White Premium Robusto for a couple of  months now. Let's see what it's all about.

Construction of this cigar is top-notch. The silky claro colored wrapper is rolled on with seamless skill and it's practically vein free.
Checking cold aromas there are notes of rich tobacco and fruit from the foot, while the free cold draw on this firmly packed cigar has hints of spicy cedar. Once the cigar is burning there are mild bodied nuances of nuts, cream, toast, oak, leather and sugar.

The flavor mix lacked any real complexity, but it was a solid, good tasting, mild bodied cigar. With a sixty minute burn time and a price in the $6.00 range, this is a pretty darn good cigar!

Rated 92

I would like to thank Gabriel Piñeres of for hooking me up with these samples.

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