Thursday, July 10, 2014

Drew Estate Isla Del Sol Toro

Drew Estate Isla Del Sol Toro
Normally I don't do infused, but this Isla del Sol by Drew Estate is the number one seller at Cigar Train and it's infused with Sumatra Mandheling coffee. Why is that important? Sumatra Mandheling is by far my favorite coffee. You can grab these from by the box, five-pack or single. The singles are just $4.15 each.

Construction of this cigar is fantastic. It starts with a seamless, almost vein free, Colorado Claro colored wrapper over a well packed binder and filler, ending with a triple cap on top.

The only word that describes the flavor mix of the Isla del Sol is "unique." Testing the foot aroma, it's sweet, tasting the end cap, it's sweet, checking the free cold draw, it's sweet. Put a flame to the foot, it's sweet too. It doesn't taste like coffee, it doesn't taste like cigar. But guess what? The Isla del Sol is a pretty tasty cigar!

Bottom line, would I smoke the Isla del Sol everyday? Nope. However it was a great tasting, long burning cigar (eighty minutes), that will make a great change of pace once in a while.

Give it a try and see what you think.

Rated 93

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