Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Eight O'Clock Coffee The Original

Eight O'Clock Coffee The Original
This sample of Eight O'Clock Coffee, "The Original", came right off the supermarket shelf the other day. It's a medium roast blend that included a large volume of broken and partial beans. Actually, I was surprised by the volume of broken beans as I poured each sample into the grinder.

When the bag was opened, to the nose there were rich aromas of toast and coffee, while the pour-over aromas were a mix of cocoa and warm bread.

I brewed and sampled four cups of The Original to be sure of my tasting notes. On the Eight O'Clock web site they list this coffee as "sweet, fruity and well balanced." Like most other coffee reviews that's not exactly what I found.

In my samples there were semi-sweet flavors of toast, nuts and earth, with a hint of cocoa as the coffee cooled. I found the coffee clean and well balanced with a medium bodied, slightly dry mouth feel.

Overall, The Original, from Eight O'Clock coffee brewed a flavorful rewarding cup of coffee that I could drink all day.

Rated 4.0

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