Monday, July 7, 2014

Emilio Cigars Draig Cayuquero Robusto: Quick Review

Emilio Cigars Draig Cayuquero Robusto
Emilio Cigars comes up with some great band artwork for their cigars and this Draig Cayuquero is another solid example.You can pick these up by the five-pack from the Cigar Federation store for $55.00

Construction of the Draig Cayuquero was flawless, the dark, maduro colored wrapper was nearly vein free, it was rolled on tightly with nary a seem, plus there was a bit of tooth and a slight oil sheen. I found a mild, but pleasant spicy cocoa aroma from the foot and after cutting the triple cap with my Xikar cutter, the free cold draw had the same notes of spice and cocoa.

After putting a flame to the foot, the first few draws were a mix of medium bodied black pepper, earth and cocoa. The burning cigar left behind a light/dark gray ash that held until the cigar's mid point. About the same time as the ash fell, the strength shifted to full bodied and so did the flavors. When the flavors shifted it was big, a big bold blast of cocoa that left a tasty chocolate aftertaste in my mouth, plus some earth and oak. Then right around the band area, my favorite flavor mix appeared, burnt mocha. Burnt mocha is a mix of cream, charcoal and chocolate. It's what I hope to find in every maduro cigar I smoke and the Draig Cayuquero didn't let me down.

I'm a pretty fast smoker, but I did get fifty great minutes of smoking pleasure from the Draig Cayuquero.  It smoked cool full length, it had a razor sharp burn line and developed a nice oily sheen on the wrapper in the second half.

Overall this was a top of the line cigar. It had great construction, a great burn and a fantastic flavor mix, plus it has a cool dragon on the band!

I'd like to thank House of Emilio for providing this sample for review.

Rated 94

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