Thursday, July 24, 2014

Joya Red Short Churchill

Joya Red Short Churchill Cigar
This Joya Red, short Churchill is covered by a silky smooth, near seamless, Colorado claro colored wrapper that shows a bit of oil and has only a few very fine veins. From the cold foot there was a sweet and spicy aroma to the nose. Once the end cap was clipped the free cold draw showed hints of sweet, spicy, toast.

From the burning cigar the flavors were a mild bodied mix of toast, sugar, spicy cedar, mild black pepper, sweet cream, black tea, earth, nuts, brown sugar and leather. The Red left a lingering sweetness in my mouth after each draw and the cigar finished with a tasty, medium bodied mix of coffee and cream.

Smoking time was fantastic at fifty minutes, the burn line was razor sharp full length and the wrapper developed a nice oily gloss in the second half. With a price around $5.75 and a flavor mix this complex, the Joya Red is a real bargain.

Put this cigar on your to-smoke list!

Rated 94

I would like to thank Drew Estate for providing this sample for review. 

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