Tuesday, July 22, 2014

La Gloria Cubana Rival Twin Chapter 2

La Gloria Cubana Rival Twin Chapter 2
Back a couple weeks I reviewed the Chapter 1 version of this cigar, while it had great flavors, the burn was a nightmare. I picked up this La Gloria Cubana Rival Twin Chapter 2 the other day to see if it really came from the same book. Since the Chapter 1 had some burn problems, I dry boxed this cigar for a day just in case.

Again the Chapter 2 is a beast, at 7 x 64 it's bigger than the Chapter 1. It has a dark Oscuro colored wrapper that's both toothy and oily. It's rolled on with some visible seams, but no holes in this one, and a few smaller veins. A good looking triple cap holds it all together. Testing cold aromas the foot smells like fruity sweet tea, while the free cold draw gave me a blast of spicy cocoa.

Once this beast was burning I found medium bodied flavors of cocoa, rich fermented tobacco, ripe plum, brown sugar, cream, oak, leather, chai tea and coffee. The one hour and fifty-five minute smoking experience ended with a medium/full bodied espresso flavored finish.

A nice oil sheen developed on the wrapper in the second half and this Chapter 2 had a complex flavor mix. However, like it's twin this cigar was again plagued with burn problems as the canoeing needed serious correction three times.

Like I said, the flavor mix in the cigar was fantastic and so was the long burn time, but I picked this cigar up locally and I expected the burn to be a bit better on a $12.00 stick.

Rated 90

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