Sunday, July 6, 2014

LA Gloria Cubana Rival Twin Chapter 1: Quick Review

Here's another cigar I picked up at Cigar Train a couple of weeks back. You can pick up this LA Gloria Cubana Rival Twin Chapter 1 from from as a single for $9.50.

This 7 x 62 cigar is a beast. It's covered with a super oily maduro colored wrapper with only the finest of veins, it's packed well full length and it has a triple cap. I hate to say this, but the wrapper has a near 1/4" hole just below the bottom band.

Checking cold aromas there are strong notes of rich fermented tobacco and the free draw has notes of spicy cedar with hints of fruit. Once the Cigar is burning there's a huge blast of medium/full bodied chocolate, followed by some oak, earth and dark chocolate. After twice correcting the burn in the first half there were other notes of sandalwood, ripe tree fruit, molasses, barnyard and cream.

After sixty minutes, one relight and four burn corrections I gave up on this stick. Also, there were two more smaller wrapper holes under the top band. I could see from the ash the burn problems were caused by an off center bunch, its really too bad since the flavor mix was outstanding.

Rated 88

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