Thursday, July 31, 2014

Nat Sherman Timeless No. 2

Nat Sherman Timeless No. 2 Cigar
I picked up this, my first, Nat Sherman Timeless No. 2 back around the first of the year so it has a bit of time in the humidor. You can find singles of the Timeless at  for $8.00 each.

Construction of this cigar was nice. The oily, seamless, Colorado claro colored wrapper contains only a few smaller veins giving the No. 2 a great overall appearance. After clipping the end with my Xikar cutter, there are strong floral notes from the foot and the free draw has peppery, fruity nuances that linger.

Once the cigar was toasted and burning there are medium bodied flavors of toast, nuts, sweet cream, brown sugar, earth, oak, black pepper, chai tea and tree fruit. The fifty-five minute smoking time ends with an enjoyable coffee with extra cream and sugar, medium body finish.

Overall this Nat Sherman Timeless No. 2 was a nice cigar that I will smoke again.

Rated 93

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