Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sam Leccia Luchador El Hombre

Luchador Robusto cigar
I picked this Sam Leccia Luchador El Hombre (robusto), up a couple of days after it was released while visiting Cigar Train. You can get your very own single for $8.10 at

This Sam Leccia Luchador has a thick, maduro colored wrapper with tight visible seams, light veins and a nice sandpaper-like tooth. The cigar is packed well full length with no hard or soft spots to be found. There's a light fermented tobacco aroma from the foot and the free cold draw has hints of fruity red wine.

As the Luchador burns the complex flavor mix consists of cocoa, fruit, raw sugar (lots of sugar in this one), leather,cream, oak, brown sugar, molasses, red wine and charcoal with a burnt mocha finish.

In my opinion, Sam Leccia has another winner on his hands here. The Luchador started in the medium body range and ended about as full bodied as a cigar can get. It had a fairly even burn line and it gave me a full sixty minutes of  smoking pleasure.

If you haven't tried the Luchador by Leccia Tobacco you defiantly should!

Rated 94

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