Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Shawty Short Panatela by Moscato Cigars

A couple of weeks back I entered Moscato CigarsInstagram contest and ended up winning a sampler and cutter. I chose the 32 x 4 short panatela Shawty to smoke and review first. If you'd like to try them you can pick up a single from Bull City Cigar Co. for $7.48

Construction wise this is a nice cigar. It has a silky-smooth, seamless, claro colored wrapper with only the finest of veins showing. Checking the cold aromas there were notes of blueberry from the foot and from the free cold draw.

Once the cigar was burning the initial flavor was again blueberry. During the thirty-five minute burn there were some classic cigar flavors popping in and out as well. There were notes of black pepper, sugar, earth, toast and cream. When the cream hit, the Shawty tasted like a blueberry cream sickle. Tasty!

If you like infused cigars and especially blueberry, you should really like this cigar. My only complaint is the price verses the short smoking time. Other than that, it was a well burning, tasty little devil.

As a final note, the infusion is pretty strong, even using double bags for the three cigars and could still smell the aroma. The problem was solved by using my tuperdor and a Boveda 2-way pack to save my other cigars.

Rated 92

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