Monday, July 28, 2014

Test The Seal On Your Humidor

Test The Seal On Your Humidor
Do you ever wonder why no matter how often you fill your humidifier you just can't keep your humidor humidity in the correct range? Well it's probably not your humidifier, it's probably the seal on your humidor.

Don't worry, there's an easy test and an easy fix.

To start, take a dollar bill, actually any bill will work, and close it into the lid of your humidor so about half the length is sticking out. Now give it a gentle pull. If it pulls right out with no resistance, you have a bad seal on your humidor. You should be able to pull the bill out, but there should be a bit of resistance when you do. Be sure to test all four sides.

This display humidor in the picture has been a devil child. It's a great looking humidor and it  has "Sure Seal" technology, but it's more like "sure doesn't seal" technology. It took using three rectangle and two jar humidifiers to keep the humidity in the correct range, but even that wasn't perfect. It was a full time job keeping all five filled and if you did them all the same day the humidity would jump to 75%. It was an absolute nightmare.

Working with the gang at Boveda and they suggested using four of the 72% 2-way packs. Since switching to Boveda the humidity has remained a constant 69%. This humidor just may be worth keeping now.

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