Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Chronic from Doma Coffee Roasting Company

 "The Chronic" is from the Doma Coffee Roasting Company, a local company located in Post Falls, ID. I happened upon this coffee by chance yesterday and am pretty excited to brew some up.

Quick Details:

  • Co-Op Grower: Cooperative Coffees Producer Partners
  • Region: Central & South America
  • Altitude: High
  • Organic: Certified 100% organic
  • Brewing method: Pour-over

Once the bag was opened the coffee gave off wonderful aroma  mix of toast, cocoa and coffee. This is a dark roast and the beans show some great caramelization with oil showing on each bean. The ground coffee gave off the same aroma mix and doing the pour-over a big frothy bloom developed.

Right off the top I found "The Chronic", bright, crisp and clean with a light mouthfeel. Initially there are flavors of cocoa and earth with a hint of tart citrus. The coca lingers on the palate leaving a pleasant aftertaste.

As the coffee cools, the cocoa develops a deeper, richer flavor and the earthiness takes on light hints of sandalwood. Also, the cooling coffee shows a bit more of a syrupy mouthfeel.

This coffee was a joy to review, I brewed four cups making sure the tasting notes were correct. It was bright and crisp up front, with a deep and rich finish. I really enjoy that type of complexity. I'll definitely track down more coffees from Doma to review.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

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