Monday, August 11, 2014

601 La Bomba Atomic

601 La Bomba Atomic
This 601 La Bomba Atomic is another sampler cigar I picked up a couple of months back. I've smoke a few La Bomba's in the past but never did a review. You grab one of these from as a single for only $8.85

Construction of this cigar it top-notch. It's wrapped in an oily, seamless, nearly vein free Colorado colored wrapper. The wrapper has a bit of fine sandpaper-like tooth, and there's a neat pig-tail/fuse cap. From the foot, the cold aroma has notes of barnyard, while the firm cold draw tastes like oats and ripe fruit.

Once the foot is toasted and burning there are medium bodied flavors of fruit, oak, brown sugar, sweet fermented tobacco, caramel, molasses, toasted marshmallows, burning charcoal, cream and espresso. After fifty minutes the Atomic finished with a full bodied blend of charcoal and espresso. Darn good finish if you ask me!

Overall these are great cigars. They have top-notch construction, a clean burn line an the wrappers always develop and oily gloss. Like I said, I've smoked a few of these in the past and I'm sure I'll smoke more in the future.

Rated 93

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