Thursday, August 28, 2014

Asylum 13 Eighty Giant 6 x 80

Asylum 13 Eighty Giant 6 x 80
I've been after an Asylum 13 for some time now and at last week's Cigar Train customer appreciation event, Brian tossed me this beastly stick. This gargantuan 6 x 80 cigar came from the IPCPR show this year, and it shows some real road wear, but like a Timex, it took a licking and kept on ticking.

There was some major wrapper damage on this Asylum 13 80, but I didn't deduct any rating points for the wrapper. For such a large cigar, the Colorado Claro colored wrapper would have been a nice since it had fairly small veins.

Once I tracked down a cutter that would work on this baby (I had punch in my pocket and forgot I had it), the draw was super easy, almost like sucking air through a straw, and I found it to taste like back tea.

Once it was toasted and burning, which wasn't that easy due to the size, it produced a large volume of mild bodied smoke from both ends with initial flavor notes of tea. A bit farther down there were other notes of sweet cream, nuts, earth and oak. Although the Eighty wasn't very complex, it had nice flavors full length. The cigar finished its seventy-five minute burn with a medium bodied mix of earth and oak.

For an 80 ring cigar, it burned fairly well. I did have to correct the burn a couple of times, but it didn't burn the center out like many 60+ ring cigars tend to do.

Overall, it was nice cigar and I am looking forward to the day I can smoke one of the smaller sizes to compare.

Rated 90

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