Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bandidos Cigar

I picked up this little gem from Cigar Train as a low cost, quick smoke for the drive home. You can grab these little 4.7 x 32 gems in bales of 60 for about $35. Cigars International has a catalog 2-fer special going right now (August 2014), two bales, 120 cigars, for $59.95.

When I pulled the Bandidios Cigar from it's protective cellophane one word came to mind, "ugly". I'll bet you can't find a cigar any uglier than this one. It's covered by a rough maduro colored wrapper with both heavy seams and  stout veins. The cold draw was free and sweet with a heavy taste of sugar with a touch of cocoa.

The foot isn't clipped square so the cigar has a shaggy foot that was a breeze to get burning. As it burned, it produced tons of medium bodied smoke with notes of toast, campfire, oak, cocoa, black pepper and lots of sugar. 

Overall I though this was a great twenty minute smoke with loads of flavor. I'll be picking up a bale or two of these as yard 'gars for the summer!

Rated 90

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