Sunday, August 17, 2014

CAO America Monument

CAO America Monument Cigar
I believe this CAO America Monument Torpedo came in the Freight Train cigar of the Month package from Cigar Train a couple of months back. You can pick yours up from either by the box, 5-packs or as a single.

Construction of this CAO America Monument overall was pretty good. The barber-pole wrappers are claro and colorado in color, there are lots of tight seams, not many veins and some light sandpaper tooth, but the cigar is loosely packed. From the foot there's the faint aroma of tobacco and the very free cold draw has notes of hearty, fermented tobacco.

The first flavors from the burning cigar were a full bodied mix of oak, molasses and black pepper, with a dry finish to the smoke. At the cigar's mid point the flavor mix finally shifted with notes of earth, leather, coffee, chocolate and a splash of cream. Despite the spongy feel to the cigar, it provided seventy-five minutes of full bodied smoking enjoyment ending with a earth and leather finish.

Overall this was a pretty good cigar, but it had a bit to much pepper in the first half for me to really get in to. If you like pepper, lots of pepper, and full body from start to finish, this will be a great cigar!

Rated 89

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