Monday, August 25, 2014

Cigar Train Rewards Loyal Customers And The Community

For the second time in as many years, Brian Coerver, the owner of Cigar Train here in Spokane WA, had a "customer appreciation" sampler event. For three hours Cigar Train customers had the chance to try out cigar samples that Brian had picked up over the last year.

Brain Stands Guard
Brian isn't really standing guard over the cigars, he's helping each person pick a cigar that's right for their palate and smoking style. With over 200 samples to choose from, the choice's can be pretty confusing to new or occasional cigar smokers and Brian did a great job of pairing cigars to patrons. 

Greg was on-site enjoying samples just like everyone else plus he was kept pretty busy in the store with customers wanting to pick up something extra from the humidor.

Early Crowd
With the event starting at 2:00 PM the Cigar Train parking lot soon became a sea of lawn chairs with a boiling cloud of cigar smoke overhead. There were well over 50 people in attendance and almost everyone took the opportunity to sample two different cigars. 

Brian asked that in exchange for free samples everyone bring a donation for the local 2nd Harvest Food Bank or school supplies and boy did everyone deliver. An entire trash can was filled with food, school supplies and even some nice cash donations to help those in need in our local area.

I would personally like to Thank Brian, and Cigar Train for hosting this event. It was nice to meet some new people, smoke some new cigars and give back to our community all in the same day. Thanks Brian!

The two cigars I had the chance to sample were the Oceano from La Sirena cigars, and the Aslyum 13 6 x 80 beast. They were both great cigars and will show up as reviews here soon.

If you were there, what did you get to smoke for the first time and did you like it?

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