Monday, August 4, 2014

Gurkha Evil Robusto

Gurkha Evil Robusto Cigar
I plucked this Gurkha Evil Robusto off the shelf during my last visit to Cigar Train, if you're not here in Spokane you can grab your very own single from for a mere $7.70

This well packed cigar was covered by an oily, silky smooth, seamless maduro colored wrapper and finished with a triple cap. My nose picked up a pleasant aroma of rich fermented tobacco from the foot and the free cold draw had notes of spicy fruit with a lingering spicy aftertaste.

Once it was burning the initial medium bodied flavors were a mix of fruit, cocoa and mild black pepper. After about a half inch, some oak joined in followed by chocolate, fruity dry red wine, earth, cream, and charcoal. The Evil Robusto finished it's sixty minute burn by providing a tasty mix of cream, chocolate and charcoal (burnt mocha).

Overall I really enjoyed this cigar. It had a slow sharp burn, a great fruit and chocolate flavor mix (heavy to chocolate full length), and it finished with my favorite flavors. I think Gurkha came up with a real winner here.

Rated 94

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