Friday, August 15, 2014

Mexico Chiapas by Royal Mile Coffee

Mexico Chiapas by Royal Mile Coffee
Today, we look at a sample of Mexico Chiapas roasted by Royal Mile Coffee Roasters. This Mexico Chiapas is a light roast coffee with both uniform sized beans and color. I used the pour-over method for this review and sampled eight cups.

Opening the bag there's a gentle aroma of sweet almonds. Once the beans are ground, the almond aroma intensifies, plus there's an added hint of grapefruit to the nose.

From the cup there are aroma notes of almonds, warm bread, and toast. The first sips are light, crisp and smooth across the palate. There are intense flavors of almonds, toast, sweet cream butter and a hint of bright lime. Between sips the Mexico Chiapas leaves behind a sweet buttery aftertaste.

As the coffee cools the lime nuances build, but it doesn't over power the almond or distract from the natural sweetness and the flavors remain intense.

I found this Mexico Chiapas to produce a bright, crisp and refreshing cup that would really shine as a mid-morning or afternoon pick-me-up coffee.

Rated 88

I would like to thank Royal Mile Coffee Roasters for providing this sample for review. 

As a side note, I paired this Mexico Chiapas with a cigar and had some interesting results. The pairing will soon be posted on CigarAndCoffee.Guru

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