Sunday, August 17, 2014

Moscato Cigars Phatty Natural Torpedo Tubo

Moscato Phatty Natural Torpedo Tubo Cigar
Here is the second of three Moscato Cigars, that I won in their Instagram contest a few weeks back, the Moscato Phatty Natural Torpedo Tubo. It too is an infused cigar with a unique mix of flavors. I'm not much on infused cigars, but this one was quite interesting. Let's see what I found.

For starters, these Moscato cigars are so aromatic, that I keep them in double bags and their own humidor with a Boveda pack. When ever I open the lid of the humidor, the aroma from these cigars fills the entire room.

Construction wise, this Phatty is impeccable. It's tightly packed full length and covered with a seamless, vein free, silky smooth, claro colored wrapper. The cold aromas are grape. Grape from the foot, grape from the free cold draw, grape from several feet away.

Once the foot is toasted and burning it produces large mouthfuls of? You guessed it. Grape flavored, rich tart, medium bodied smoke. But wait, there's some white pepper spice there too just to make things interesting. As the cigar burned on the primary flavor was grape, but there were underlying notes of earth, sugar, cream and a touch of oak. After seventy-five minutes the cigar finished with the grape fading a bit and sugary cream taking over.

For an infused cigar I thought the Moscato Phatty was darn tasty. It had a few burn problems along the way but never bad enough to warrant correction and seventy-five minutes was a pretty decent burn time. If you like infused, heck even if you don't I think this Phatty is worth a try.

Rated 92

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