Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Peruvian cafe Femenino Coffee from Buna Moblie

Today I'm trying out the Peruvian cafe Femenino Coffee from the Buna Mobile Roasting Company. If you get time check out the web site for the Peruvian cafe Femenino Project. What they are trying to do is pretty neat.

BunaMobile is a small batch roaster that specializes in roasting for fund raisers. You can find more information about their charities and fundraising on their website.

If you look at the picture you will see the roast level of this sample has beans ranging from the city+ level to Italian. Some beans show a nice amount of caramelization, while others don't.

I tried two brewing methods with the coffee, pour-over and French press with equal results.

The coffee dry had a nice aroma of toast, while wet it produced room filling aromas of toast and caramel. Hot from the cup the coffee was bold, yet brisk with and edgy tartness right on top. The flavors hot were toasted nuts and caramel with a hint of sweetness. As the coffee cooled some heavier flavor nuances of grain moved in, but the tartness remained.

I rated this coffee high on the acidic scale since it had no supporting flavor to match the tartness I found.

Although the coffee was a bit out of balance it still produced a good cup of coffee with a great aroma and nice flavors.

Rated 79

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