Monday, August 4, 2014

Quick Review: Joya Red Toro

Joya Red Toro Cigar
A couple of weeks back I reviewed this Joya Red cigar in the Short Churchill vitola, today it's the Toro. You can pick these treats up from by the box, 5-pack, or if you just want to try a single they are $7.05 each.

Like it's smaller version, construction of this toro is impeccable. The oily, Colorado colored wrapper is seamless and nearly vein free. It's packed firmly full length and it's topped off with a nice triple cap. Checking the pre-light aromas, the foot gives off nuances of sweet fermented tobacco, while the perfect cold draw has a hint of caramel.

From the burning cigar there are flavor notes of toast, oak, ripe tree fruit, peat, sweet cream, raw sugar, black tea and caramel. After seventy minutes of smoking time the cigar finishes with a medium bodied mix of sweet cream and toast.

In the second half the wrapper gets such an oily gloss it looks like it might start dripping and the burn line was razor sharp full length.

As a note of interest, my wife was outside talking to me as I smoked this and she mentioned this cigar had an aroma she actually liked. That makes this Joya Red Toro a great cigar! If you haven't tried one of these you'd better get with it!
Rated 94

I would like to thank Drew Estate for providing this sample for review!

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