Saturday, August 2, 2014

Rocky Patel Connecticut Toro

Rocky Patel Connecticut Toro
This Rocky Patel Connecticut Toro came as part of a sampler I ordered a while back from, currently the only place I can find them in stock is

Looking at this cigar, it's nice. This well packed Toro comes wrapped in an oily, silky smooth claro colored wrapper that's practically vein free and seamless. From the foot there's an aroma of rich fermented tobacco while the firm cold draw has notes of spicy cedar mixed with fruit.

Once the Connecticut Toro was burning it produced mild bodied mouthfuls of smooth, sweet cream flavored smoke. Following up the cream there were notes of wheat straw, sugar, toasted cashew, brown sugar, a touch of pepper, and toast. The sixty minute burn finished with a medium body mix of coffee with extra cream and sugar.

Overall this Rocky Patel Connecticut Toro was a solid, well constructed, good tasting cigar. I definitely won't pass up a chance to grab a few more!

Rated 93

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