Monday, August 18, 2014

Uganda Sipi Falls Coffee From Buna Mobile

I'm always excited to sample a coffee that's new to me, this Uganda Sipi Falls coffee is another sample provided by BunaMobile roasting company. BunaMobile is a small batch roaster that specializes in roasting for fund raisers. You can find more information about their charities and fundraising on their website.

Using the pour-over method this sample of Sipi Falls coffee was intense and flavorful with a light melt-in-your-mouth-feel and a brisk, mouthwatering palate rinse, plus it produced a clean cup.

Dry this city + roast had a bit of oily caramelization on some beans and notes of toast with a hint of plum. Wet, there were aromas of toast and caramel that radiated several feet. From the cup, the coffee was sweet with the main flavor and aroma of caramel. As the Sipi Falls cooled, the briskness increased but and some ripe fruit flavors moved in to keep the coffee well balanced.

After sampling five cups I think this would be a great mid-morning or after lunch coffee since it's light, but intense, sweet and flavorful.

Rated 89 

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