Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nomad Cigar Company C-276 Robusto Box Pressed

A couple months back I had the chance to hang out  for an afternoon with +Fred Rewey (Godfadr) at Cigar Train, here in Spokane. While we were talking he handed me a yet-to-be-released C-276 to smoke. This version wasn't exactly the final version (it wasn't box pressed) so I chose not to review it. However, it was a great cigar!

I picked up the released version of this cigar the other day and couldn't wait to get the review published. Here's what I found and my thoughts on the Nomad Cigar Company C-276 Robusto Box Pressed.

First, yes it's box pressed. It's covered with an oily Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro wrapper that's pretty much vein free and it's rolled on with seamless skill. From the foot there is a faint aroma of black tea, while the free cold draw can only be described as sweet and spicy.

Once the foot was toasted and the cigar was burning, I was hit right in the mouth with three strong blasts of full bodied black pepper. Those weren't very fun, but they soon gave way to flavors of ripe tree fruit, toast, chia tea, earth, leather, flora, cocoa, espresso, cream, molasses and charcoal. It was a very complex and tasty flavor mix. 

Overall the cigar had a razor sharp burn line, a great tasting, complex flavor mix, a sixty minute burn time and a nice light spice that was always present but just below the surface.

If you haven't smoked this cigar yet, you should run right out and get one!

Rated 94

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