Monday, September 8, 2014

Peruvian cafe Femenino Coffee By Buna Mobile Roasting Company

Today I'm trying out the Peruvian cafe Femenino Coffee from the Buna Mobile Roasting Company for a second time. Buna Mobile took the results of the last review, made some changes to the roast and fired off a new sample.

This roast came to me full city+ with loads of oily carameliztion on every bean. Dry, there were aromas of toast, coffee and cocoa. Once wet, the ground coffee had pleasant aroma of toasted hazelnuts.

From the cup, the coffee was heavy with a deep rich syrupy mouthfeel. There were complex flavors of earth, toast, cocoa, toasted nuts and hints of sweet tangerine.

There was a fair amount of natural sweetness in the roast and I found the balance smooth and silky, with a clean cup.

I have to give a "well done"! And a well earned 90 rating on this batch of Peruvian cafe Femenino Coffee.

If you get time check out the web site for the Peruvian cafe Femenino Project. What they are trying to do is pretty neat.

BunaMobile is a small batch roaster that specializes in roasting for fund raisers. You can find more information about their charities and fundraising on their website.

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