Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fantasia Hookah Flavors Sweet Watermelon

Fantasia Hookah Flavors Sweet Watermelon
Well times change so I'm switching gears just a little. Nearly everyone in the house smokes hookah and after months of fighting the urge I finally figured why not try it.

This is my first review and it will probably take a few to get up to speed but this is what I found with this Fantasia Hookah Flavors, Sweet Watermelon.

I eat lots of watermelon, about one every two days all summer, but I don't care for watermelon flavored products. That means I was expecting this sisha to be just another watermelon product I didn't like. Well I was wrong.

This shisa had almost a true watermelon flavor. It was smooth, mild and sweet with a long lasting aftertaste that lasted nearly thirty minutes. I see buzz mentioned in other reviews, but I smoke some of the world's strongest cigars, so buzz isn't a factor for me.

This Fantasia Hookah Flavors Sweet Watermelon was tested in a two-hose hookah with foil and a full quick light coal.

Since this is the first review, I'm not giving a rating until there is something to compare it with, but I liked it and would recommend it to someone that enjoys sweet and mild.

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