Friday, September 26, 2014

Five Questions With Michael Giannini Of La Gloria Cubana and Foundry Tobacco Company

In this weeks installment of "Five Questions," we talk to Michael Giannini Of La Gloria Cubana and Foundry Tobacco Company.

At Little Smoke 2014, held at Northern Quest Casino, I had the pleasure to meet and spend some time talking with Michael. I would also like to thank Michael for taking time out of his hectic schedule to answer these questions. 

 1. What led you to create the Foundry Tobacco Company?

Foundry Tobacco Company is an outlet for total creativity. Our innovations team and I have freedom to work with unique, exotic, and never used tobaccos and develop distinctive packaging for them under Foundry Tobacco Company. This is an outlet for me to express my creativity in a way that would not have been a fit with the La Gloria Cubana brand. The Foundry Tobacco Company tagline is “Expect the Unexpected” and that sums up exactly what we do.

2. What has been the most enjoyable aspect of creating cigars?

The journey of visualizing the concept, creating the blends and packaging, working with great people to make it happen, launching to cigar lovers and seeing people enjoying the final product.

3. What is your typical week like? I.e. events, travel, visiting shops, etc.

A typical week is anything but typical and this is ideal for a creative person like me. On any given day, I am in close contact with all three of our factories. I attend meetings, put out fires, give advice on current and future projects, interact with my colleagues and spend time with cigar lovers at events. Often the day starts one way and ends in another, unexpected way. No two days are alike. Having unpredictable days is one of the things that make my job so exciting.

4. Can you give any hints what may be coming down the pipe from La Gloria or Foundry?

For La Gloria Cubana, you will see the unique cigars coming out of our factories in DR, Honduras and Nicaragua. For Foundry Tobacco Company, you can “Expect the Unexpected”

5. What are your personal top 5 cigars to smoke? 

 These are not in any particular order.
   1. Whatever blends I am working on
   2. La Gloria Cubana
   3. Foundry
   4. Competitor’s cigars
   5. Whatever blends I am working on

Thank you Michael!

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