Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Guatemala San Pedro La Laguna From Doma Coffee Roasting Company

Guatemala San Pedro La Laguna From Doma Coffee Roasting Company
Today's sample is Guatemala San Pedro La Laguna from  the Doma Coffee Roasting Company, in Post Falls, Idaho. If you haven't taken the time to check out the Doma Coffee web site, you really should. Doma Coffee offers some unique coffees with attractive and creative packaging.

I sampled this Guatemala San Pedro La Laguna buy doing several pour-overs.

Intense, bright, crisp and flavorful were the first words that came to mind after sipping this coffee.

Once the medium roast beans were ground, the dry aroma was sweet and tart. There were aromas of both sweet caramel plus a touch of lime. Wet, the coffee was again sweet and tart with caramel and lime, but there were added notes of toast.

The pour-over itself produced a big frothy bloom from the grounds plus a tart and sweet coffee aroma filled the entire room. From the cup, there were notes of toast, nuts, caramel and lime to the nose.

I found the first sips to be bright, crisp and light with a refreshing sweetness that washes across the tongue. The was balance was near perfect supporting the tart refreshing notes of lime. As the coffee cooled, the caramel notes became more prominent and the mouthfeel picked up a bit more syrupiness.

Growing Details:

  • Country Guatemala 
  • Co-Op Grower San Pedro La Laguna 
  • Region Lake Atitlan 
  • Altitude 1,500 - 2,000 m
Overall I found this coffee to be a good anytime of the day brew. It's complex, with near perfect body, nice balance and intense flavors.  

Rated 92

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