Monday, September 22, 2014

JM's Dominican Churchill

JM's Dominican Churchill
I picked one of these up a couple months back from one of the local smoke shops and found it to be a pretty decent budget cigar.

This JM's Dominican Churchill comes with the end cap pre-punched, which leads me to believe it's really not 100% handmade, but oh well the label says that it is, so it must be so. Right?

Visual appearance of the cigar is nice, the heavy maduro colored wrapper is rolled on cleanly, there are no holes or tears and the stick is firm full length. The free cold draw had a slight notes of tobacco and the wrapper had a mild chocolate taste.

I didn't have to cut the cap so once the cigar was burning it produced a clean burn line from start to finish. From the first to the last puff there were medium bodied notes of chocolate, coffee, tobacco and a hint of cream. The cigar wasn't very complex, but it was fairly tasty. For a budget cigar, this is a pretty good sub $3.00 stick.

Rated 90

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