Tuesday, September 23, 2014

La Diferencia Cubana Churchill

La Diferencia Cubana ChurchillThis La Diferencia Cubana Churchill came in the Po’ Boy II sampler I picked up from Cigars International a while back.

It comes wrapped in a mottled sun-grown Nicaraguan Colorado Claro colored wrapper. The wrapper had a couple folds and a few small veins, but hey, since I only paid a buck per stick, I don't care.

From the cold foot there was a mellow toast aroma and after clipping the cap, the free draw had notes of toast, oak and mild black pepper.

Once it was burning there were mild bodied flavors of cream, toast, tobacco and sugar. The flavor mix held solid until just below the band when I ran into bold sour cream and fiery, tongue-burning red pepper. That was the end of this stick for me.

Overall the cigar had fair flavors until the final third, it had a pretty good burn and it finished as mild as it started. I'd call this La Diferencia Cubana Churchill a fair yard 'gar at the $1.00 I paid for it.

Rated 84

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