Tuesday, September 9, 2014

La Gloria Cubana Rival Twin Chapter 3

La Gloria Cubana Rival Twin Chapter 3 Cigar
I've already reviewed the Chapter 1 & 2 Rival Twins so it's only natural to continue on with the series. I picked this La Gloria Cubana Rival Twin Chapter 3 up on one of my last visits to Cigar Train

This 8" x 52 ring monster is covered with a great looking, stout, oily, Colorado maduro colored Ecuadoran wrapper with fairly small veins and transparent seams. From the cold foot the mix of Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers give off an aroma of over-ripe tree fruit. After cutting the triple cap, the free draw produces a dry red wine like flavor.

From the burning cigar, the initial flavors are a mix medium to full bodied mix of barnyard, cocoa and over ripe fruit. As the burn enters the second third, there are flavors of raisin, molasses and honey. By this time the wrapper has developed a deep oily sheen and the body has moved into the full range. The final third finishes with notes of flora, brown sugar, oak, charcoal and caramel. 

Overall this was a nice cigar. It had a tasty flavor mix, a fair burn line and a ninety minute burn time. So far this is my favorite of the three chapters that I've smoked. 

Rated 92

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