Friday, September 12, 2014

Moscato Cigars Blunt Robusto Tube Cigar

Moscato Cigars Blunt Robusto Tube Cigar
Well I'm a bit sad to say this is the final chapter in the Moscato Cigars reviews. The Moscato Cigars Blunt Robusto Tube Cigar is the third cigar from the prize pack I won a few months ago. I'm not really an infused cigar fan, but these cigars infused with Moscato wine have grown on me.

This Blunt cigar is covered with a silky smooth Claro colored Connecticut shade grown wrapper. It appears seamless and contains only very fine veins. It's packed well full length and it has a well done triple cap. From the foot you can smell grape from several inches away and once the cap is clipped the free draw has notes of grape and cream.

Once the foot was toasted and burning the first mild bodied flavors were a mix of white pepper, cream and grape. It was pretty tasty combination. After a few puffs the white pepper faded away and never came back. As the cigar burned on the flavor jumped back and forth between tasting like a grape popsicle and a grape creamsicle. There were traditional cigar flavors of sugar, oak, earth and leather that showed up from time-to-time. After sixty minutes the mild bodied Blunt finish with a mix of brown sugar and? You guessed it, grape.

Overall this was a fantastic cigar. The construction was spot on, the burn was razor sharp and a nice oil line formed on the wrapper just above the burn.

These Moscato Cigars are a bit tough to find but it looks like Bull City Cigar Company has them available online for $9.98 each.

Rated 93

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