Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Regius Cigars Black Label Robusto

Regius Cigars Black Label Robusto
Hanging out last night at Legends of Fire, I had the chance to smoke my first Regius Cigars Black Label Robusto Cigar. Bottom line, I was impressed with this cigar. Read on and I'll tell you why.

The Black Label robusto comes wrapped in a seamless and practically vein free, silky smooth Colorado Claro colored wrapper. The free cold draw had mild notes of sweet and spicy cedar. 

Once the cigar was burning, my palate was hit with a tasty mix of creamy medium bodied leather and cocoa flavored smoke. As the cigar burned on I found nuances of cream, sugar, cocoa, earth and espresso. It finished the fifty-five minute burn with a great tasting mix of coffee, cream and sugar. 

While I didn't think the flavor mix was overly complex, I do think the flavors were delicious. By mid-way the cigar had developed a rich, oily sheen on the the wrapper and the burn line was even full length. 

I feel this Black Label line of cigars from Regius Cigars should be on everyone's "to-smoke" list! 

Rated 93

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