Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Room 101 Namakubi Ecuador Ranfla

Room 101 Namakubi Ecuador Ranfla
I've had this Room 101 Namakubi Ecuador Ranfla stashed away for a few months now. Over the summer I had the chance to meet Matt Booth at Little Smoke, so I figured I should get on this cigar. This one came from Cigar Train but if you're not in Spokane, Mikes Cigars has them available online.

First things first. This Ranfla has a thick, meaty looking Colorado Maduro colored Habano wrapper covering an authentic Corojo binder plus mixed Honduran and Dominican fillers. The pictured cigar looks a bit rough, but those are binder veins and this cigar is all business. From the foot there are faint notes of spice. It's a perfecto there's not much exposed foot. The free cold draw produces notes of spicy cedar, leather and cocoa.

Once the cigar was burning it produced huge plumes of smoke, plus an oil line developed immediately on the wrapper. Soon after lighting the cigar I walked into the house to refill my drink, when I came back out I could smell the fantastic cigar aroma twenty feet away. The first medium bodied flavors were a sweet and spicy mix of cocoa, caramel and spicy cedar. Delicious! In the center two thirds there was a flavor that took some time to figure out, it was sweet and it was good, after a bit I came to the conclusion it was French Vanilla. There were other flavors of cream, chocolate, espresso, brown sugar and toasted cashews. The seventy minute burn finished in the full bodied range, with a nice oil sheen on the wrapper and flavors of cocoa mixed with espresso.

This was great cigar, it had great flavors, a razor sharp burn line and lots of smoke with a great aroma. If you get a chance to smoke this cigar don't put it off for months like I did.

Rated 93

You should visit the Room 101 website, Matt makes some pretty wicked jewelry too! 

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