Monday, September 29, 2014

Tattle Tea Organic Ceylon Loose Leaf Green Tea

I've been a green tea enthusiast for the last ten years or so. I started drinking green tea during a weight loss kick and I've stuck with it ever since. However, I'm always on the look out for something better than the standard varieties found on super market shelves. 

With that said, I'm pretty excited about this sample of Organic Ceylon Loose Leaf Green Tea sent to me by Tattle Tea.

Starting with a warm cup and infuser, I added the suggested amount of the long wiry leaves to the infuser, added hot water and let it steep for three minutes. The results; a balanced cup of brisk, light, smooth and slightly sweet tasting, peridot colored green tea.

This brew is light and has a natural light sweetness, but I think it's sturdy enough for a bit of sugar, a drop of honey, or a splash of lemon if you take your tea that way. 

With an origin from Sri Lanka, not known for their green tea's, this Organic Indulgashinna Ceylon Green tea is a rare find.  

If you're green tea fan like me, give this Tattle Tea Organic Ceylon Loose Leaf Green Tea a try. I enjoyed it a great deal and I think you will too!

Rated 9.5 of 10

I would like to thank Tattle Tea for providing this sample for review!

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