Monday, September 29, 2014

Thomas Hammer Starry Night Sumatran Coffee

Thomas Hammer Starry Night Sumatran Coffee
Since today is "National Coffee Day" I'm reviewing Thomas Hammer Starry Night Sumatran Coffee. This is my first review of a Thomas Hammer product. By the way, this is another coffee roasted right here in Spokane.

Reading the bag, this Starry Night Sumatran is both fair trade and organic certified. The roast is dark, I would say it's at the Vienna level, according to the Thomas Hammer website, they say this is roasted darker than a normal Sumatran which helps lower the acidity. Let's see what I find.

I sampled this Sumatran using two brewing methods, a pour-over and the Thomas Hammer recommended, auto drip.

Before grinding, the beans show a bit of oily caramelization on nearly every bean. Checking for aromas, dry there were notes of tree fruit, almonds, cocoa and a hint of charcoal--no the beans weren't charred--and once water was introduce the wet aroma had notes of citrus with warm bread. As the first sips splash across the palate, it has a smooth and syrupy mouthfeel with hints of warm bread and grapefruit as the main flavors, leaving behind a tart citrus aftertaste. While this roast is darker than most Sumatrans I've sampled, this is the first time I have encountered notes of citrus. As the coffee cools, the flavor changes, the sweetness increases, cocoa and caramel become the main flavors while the balance smooths out.

Overall this Thomas Hammer Starry Night Sumatran Coffee is a nice roast. It has a complex flavor profile and a nice mouthfeel.

Rated 89

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