Monday, September 29, 2014

Villiger Cigars Cabareté Maduro Box-Pressed Robusto Cigar

Villiger Cigars Cabareté Maduro Box-Pressed Robusto Cigar
Hanging out the other night at Legends of Fire, I had the chance to smoke my first Villiger Cigars Cabareté Maduro Box-Pressed Robusto and I liked it. Here's why.

It's box-pressed and it's covered with a dark, nearly oscuro colored, maduro wrapper. There are a couple small veins in the oily wrapper, but for the most part it's rolled on with seamless skill. Holding the cold foot to my nose I could smell notes of cocoa and once the end was cut the free draw had a toasty, chocolate mix of flavors.

Once this medium bodied beauty was burning the first flavors were again a mix of toast and cocoa. As it burned on I found other flavors of molasses, cream and chocolate--enough chocolate that I'd call this cigar a chocolate bomb.

The seventy-five minute burn ended with a full bodied mix of tasty caramel and black pepper.

Overall this was a nice cigar. The burn was a bit wavy, but never needed a touch-up and while the flavor mix wasn't to complex, this was a very tasty cigar. I can say that I will be smoking more of these Villiger Cigars Cabareté's.

Rated 92

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