Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CAO Cigars MX2 Toro

I found smoking the CAO Cigars MX2 Toro cigar a great way to relax and beat the scorching mid-afternoon summer heat a while back.

The double maduro binder and wrapper combination of this MX2 only highlighted four-county blend of fillers inside. But let me tell you this baby was a chocolate bomb from start to finish. It comes with a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper that's all business. The toothy wrapper is dark, oily, and thick, It's rolled on with near seamless perfection and the cigar is packed firmly full length. Plus, when testing the cocoa flavored free draw, the wrapper left behind a nice chocolate aftertaste on my lips.

From the first medium/full bodied puff to the last, this MX2 was all earth and chocolate. No, the flavor mix wasn't complex at all, but dang, it was good all the way down to a lip-burning nub.

Overall this was another high quality cigar from CAO Cigars. It had a great burn line and a fantastic ninety minute smoking time. If you like chocolate and you like them smooth give this CAO Cigars MX2 a try.

Rated 92

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