Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Classic Robusto By Crux Premium Sticks

Classic Robusto By Crux Cigars

Yesterday I made a mistake. While cleaning most of the 1500 pictures off my phone, I deleted the pictures for this Classic Robusto By Crux Premium Sticks by mistake. Since I was in a jam, I hopped over to the Crux web site and borrowed this picture.

I've been wanting to try these Crux cigars for some time now but haven't ran across any. To my surprise the Freight Train package (cigar of the month club), this month from Cigar Train was filled with Crux Cigars. Well, I think the wait was definitely worth it. This Classic Robusto was a solid, good smoking, great tasting cigar. Here's what I found.

This well packed Classic is covered by an oily Colorado colored Habano Jalapa wrapper. Looking at the wrapper, it's rolled on with seamless skill and it contains only the finest of veins. From the foot there is a nice aroma of fermented tobacco, while the free cold draw releases flavor notes of tart fruit.

Once the foot is toasted and the cigar is burning the first medium bodied flavors are mix of sweet fermented tobacco and smooth leather. As the sharp, oily burn line moves up the body, there are other flavors of brown sugar, lots of cream, oak, spicy cedar, toast and mild black pepper. After sixty minutes the Crux Classic finishes with a near full bodied mix of cream and leather.

Overall the Crux Classic was a darn nice cigar and I'm happy to finally have the chance to take one for a spin. It had a solid flavor mix, a great burn and top of the line construction. Give these a try, you can't go wrong!

Rated 92

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